Kitchen Installations in Camberley | Our Fitters Explain the Various Layouts Available

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The kitchen is a hub of activity, a place for shared meals and family time. The layout is paramount when it comes to new kitchen designs or renovation. It dictates workflow, efficiency, and the joy of cooking and entertaining. On this page, our kitchen fitters at Maison Kitchens look at some popular kitchen installations to help you find the perfect fit for your property in Camberley.

We specialise in creative kitchen storage solutions and bespoke carpentry and are also kitchen suppliers for on-trend brands and designs. Contact us to learn more, and check out our testimonials to see what past and present clients say about our custom kitchens and woodwork.

New Kitchen Designs – Which of Our Custom Kitchens Will Suit You Best?

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The sky’s the limit regarding layouts; you can do whatever you want. The most well-known layouts, however, are listed below:

  • Galley Kitchens

  • Pullman Kitchens

  • Peninsula Kitchens

  • Island Kitchens

  • L-Shaped Kitchens

  • Freestanding Kitchens

Galley Kitchen

These kitchen installations comprise two parallel countertops facing each other with minimal floor space in between. Perfect for smaller spaces and studio apartments in Camberley, galleys maximise counter space and maintain a minimalist look with handleless doors and built-in appliances. However, our kitchen fitters would only recommend them for households with a single chef.

Pullman Kitchen

Like a galley kitchen, a Pullman features parallel countertops. First, they’re enclosed within an alcove, similar to a train carriage. Second, one side might be a full-length counter, while the other could be a narrower preparation zone. This configuration utilises limited space efficiently, and our kitchen suppliers recommend them for long, narrow kitchens.

Peninsula Kitchen

This layout offers a counter extending from a wall, creating a peninsula-like formation. It provides additional counter space and storage, perfect for prepping food or presenting multiple dishes. A peninsula can also serve as a breakfast bar or even a social area for guests to chat while you cook.  However, this layout works best in kitchens with ample square footage, as the peninsula can create a bottleneck if not positioned strategically.

Island Kitchen

Imagine a central workstation in your kitchen. It provides extra counter space and storage and can house a sink, cooktop, or additional appliances. Island kitchens are ideal for open floor plans, encouraging interaction between the cook and guests. They're perfect for entertaining and offer a dynamic workspace. However, islands require significant space and might not be suitable for smaller Camberley kitchens.

L-Shaped Kitchen

Perhaps the most versatile layout, the L-shaped kitchen maximises counter space and storage along two adjoining walls. It promotes an efficient workflow, accommodates multiple cooks, and allows our kitchen suppliers room to create a peninsula or breakfast bar if space permits.  L-shaped kitchens are a great fit for various kitchen sizes and styles, making them a popular choice for Maison Kitchen’s clients.

Freestanding Layouts and Bespoke Kitchen Storage Solutions

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For a truly unique and flexible approach, would you consider freestanding furniture? Here, cabinets, appliances, and countertops are not fixed to walls but spread out in a freestanding layout of your choice. These kitchen installations offer a personalised touch and are ideal for unconventional spaces or where unconventional furniture is used for storage.

Our kitchen fitters at Maison Kitchens can help design and layout if a freestanding kitchen appeals to you.

For kitchen installations in Camberley, call our kitchen fitters at Maison Kitchens on  01252 510880 or 07766 025998.